The American Archer Vortex Is Here




American Archer Vortex 2.5" Orange


Simple but dependable design! Works every time. I've killed deer and hogs with them without a failure. Thanks Vortex!

Greg Thomas

I killed my first deer with these heads almost 2 decades ago, and to this day I would recommend them to anyone.

Jordan Drew

Hard to go wrong with these broadheads!

Justin Besachio

With over 50 harvests, from the U.S. ,Canada, and Africa without a failure or kick off even at extreme angles. From javelina, to moose and Bison, they do the job.

Kevin L. Presmyk

Have used for close to 20 years. Have harvested around 26 deer. Great results! For those that say they don't open I'm not sure what you mean? Have only ever used two blade heads. With design they have no choice but to open. If they didn't you would still get a 7/8" hole. But I say impossible to not open!

Terry Pugh


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